Becoming a Dial a Massage Therapist

Becoming a Dial a Massage Therapist is very easy and a lot of fun. We here at Dial a massage have looked at problems real massage therapist is facing in life and in business. We understand the importance of connecting the right clients to your practice and how to grow your business easier. We have simplified and streamlined your business online and in practice. We take care of all those technical websites, social media, corporate branding and marketing issues most therapists are facing. We have teamed up with HV Productions who takes care of all your digital needs in one simple registration with us.

No more will someone take you to be a massage parlour that offers “happy endings or me love you long time” services. No more missed booking or double bookings. Now with us you can get all the positive exposure you need in growing your business and take paid online bookings without having to do a thing. We will help you grow your business and help you grow your clients base.  


What do you get when you register with us?

  • Domain Name – or .com
  • Fully functional bookings website designed and hosted
  • Unique business email address “your or .com
  • Social media setup and branding
  • Google Business Listing and SEO Optimisation
  • Online Bookings Calander that synchronises your bookings to your Google Calander.
  • Business Cards x250
  • A6 Business Flyers x1000
  • Business Signage 
  • Social media Banner designs
  • Business Management Training and Support
  • Listed on multiple platforms

What is required to register with us?

Registration is very easy and all you need is to be registered with a recognised institute within the UK or Ireland. You can also be a student working towards your certification as a qualified therapist. You must be a legal resident or have a valid working permit to work in the country and be over the age of 21.

Your registration with us is for 12-months. During the 12-months we take care of all your business needs and digital needs. Making sure your business grows with us. The cost for the year is £650 all-inclusive.

Whats the benefits of registering with us?

Besides the standard benefits, you get when you register with us. You will also be part of a solid and trusted brand that stands out above all other massages service suppliers as a certified and trusted massage therapist. We take care of all your online digital needs as well as your marketing. We manage and update your website, social media platforms with offers, promotions and advertisement handouts.

But hold on, there is more…

When you join our winning team you will also get a business management training session which will help you become more confident and focused as a business owner. You will learn in this training:

  • Success in Positive Customer Engagements
  • Turn one booking into a long-standing booking 
  • Release stress and anxiety from yourself and your practice
  • Think outside the box (easy to create successful marketing strategies into MONEY)

What's the cost and how do I register?

The cost is a BACK TO NORMAL discounted special offer of £650 all-inclusive for the year. You save £200. To register please complete the form below and one of our care team members will contact you shortly. This means after your successful registration all you need to do is sit back and relax. We have your back and will take care of everything else.